Monday, October 7, 2013

79 Days

The weather is finally starting to turn cooler, which always helps me do more work around the house, cook more and craft more.  I'm sketching out project ideas now, which I hope to share with you soon.  I've been down and out with allergies/cold, but I will catch up on ideas to pass along.

I'm also going back through the Christmas card list and updating addresses.  Folks move around a lot more, and I get frustrated every year when I'm ready to work on my card list, only to realize I don't have all the updated information.  So, I'm hoping to avoid that frustration this year by getting a head start on that piece of the puzzle.

I'm working on two new holiday/winter theme paintings.  I'm hoping to have new paintings to show you soon.

79 days to go.... Time goes by so quickly doesn't it?

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