Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The air is definitely getting colder and the weather is blustery today.  I think that I could easily hibernate during the coldest months of the years and paint, craft and cook the time away.  We used our indoor time today to test out a new sugar cookie recipe.  We made Halloween cookies this time, but were hoping this would be our new recipe for our cut-out Christmas cookies.  Here are our results:

Now we are not professionals at icing cookies, but they turned out pretty well. The recipe made cookies that weren't as sweet as the usual sugar cookies, and were much softer, almost like a shortbread.  So, we're enjoying these cookies, but I don't think it will be our favorite Christmas cookie cut out recipe.  Better to know this now than in December when I'm scrambling to make cookies as presents.

I've been crocheting a few presents today while waiting in the car line to pick up my daughter from school.  Tomorrow I will share pictures and how I stiffen the ornaments I made so they will hang properly on the Christmas tree.

63 days to go... time is flying by....

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