Friday, May 17, 2013

My latest painting is called "Closed on Sunday"  and is the first in my "Left Behind" series.  Some painting ideas come from a beautiful scene that I see, a flower blooming, the sun at the perfect angle.  This painting is not of a specific place, but came to me in my sleep (I have interesting dreams) as an idea of what we are leaving behind.

We are changing rapidly.  The phone we buy today will be outdated tomorrow.  The style of clothes or best song will be old news next week.  The buildings that we used to walk in, roads we used to drive on are still there, but are old and worn and not considered usable any more.

The buildings that sit with torn roofs and weeds growing around them were once thriving, important parts of our community.  We turn the other way, or simply ignore their presence as we have moved forward to newer, better and progressed along. 

To me, the buildings represent us and our greatest fears.  Our society values young and new, not older with character and wisdom.  We fear looking old and out of date; we fear being replaced or left behind.  There is so much beauty that comes with age, whether it's the worn boards with paint chipping off on the side of an old gas station or the wrinkles that come with a life well lived. 

Hopefully the paintings in this new series will remind us of the beauty and character that is all around us, whether it is a well worn structure or someone we see in our mirror. 

I am thankful that The Master Artist chose me to send these ideas too.  It combines so many elements that I love: old buildings, history, landscapes, and has something important to say. 

I heard this song by Matraca Berg years ago and had it my head while painting this.  It's a reminder that we are all beautiful at all ages and stages of our lives.

I hope that this painting will be a blessing to all of you as it has been a blessing to me.