Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artists I Like

There are tons of artists out there, but we all have those favorite artists whose work moves us and speaks to us in ways that others can't. I've decided every so often to list a few of my very artists.

One of my all-time favorite artists is a North Carolina artist by the name of Ivey Hayes. He used to paint amazingly realistic watercolor scenes until his debilitating arthritis caused him to switch to acrylics. He credits God for giving him the vision of his scenes and his change to the acrylic paint. His paintings are amazing, and so is his spirit.

Here's a link to a recent interview with him. Through the pain and declining health, he still loves to paint and feels blessed to do so.


Here's a link to some of his artwork. It doesn't include nearly all of his pieces, but is a good representation of his newer work.


Another of my very favorite artists is Suzanna Winton. She is a watercolor portrait artist who paints amazingly realistic portraits. She is a the daughter of an art teacher; once her children were in school she also went back to school and received more training in art and began painting portraits. I love to paint portraits, and viewing her work makes me strive to be better every day.

Here's the link to her site if you're interested.


click on the Gallery and Commissions links to see more samples of her work

Hope you like these artists too - I'll try to post more of my favorites soon!