Saturday, October 5, 2013

81 Days

It's been a strange weather kind of week.  It's October and it's been almost 90 degrees the last few days, with a breeze causing the leaves to cascade down in a leaf storm.  It felt more like fall in June than it does now.  It certainly doesn't feel like the time to keep working towards Christmas.  Which is exactly why I still need to do it.  If I wait until it "feels" like it should, I will already feel behind and overwhelmed.

So today I am treating myself and coaxing myself back into the spirit of things by downloading decorating/crafting/cooking books on my Kindle and looking back through the books I already have.  I collect cookbooks and reread them like other people reread their favorite novels.  So, this is a fun relaxing way to get back on track.

Some of my favorites are any of Mary Engelbreit's crafty/cook books, Gooseberry Patch (love them all!), A Homemade Year by Jerusalem Greer, and I like a free e-book on my Kindle, Homemade Christmas Gifts and More.  I'm getting lots of homemade gift ideas, which I love.

Now to get motivated enough to start making them...

81 days to go......

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