Tuesday, October 15, 2013

71 Days

I personally think that Thanksgiving is the most underrated holiday.  Because of its' proximity to Halloween and Christmas, it's the skipped over holiday.  But what better time to be mindful of your many blessings, spend time with family and friends and stop to breathe.  Also, there's lots of food to consume and no presents to open or candy to give out.

I painted this tray to go in my kitchen as a Thanksgiving decoration, but I truly believe I can keep this out year round.  I painted the inside of the tray with a mixture of greens, browns and blacks, and the trim in a brown/black mixture.  I wanted to keep the tray simple and rustic to symbolize the simplicity of being Thankful.

I am working on new Christmas candles; I will show those to you tomorrow.  I am also planning out my errand running to start picking up the basic wrapping supplies and stamps. 

71 days to go......

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