Monday, December 2, 2013

23 Days

Our house is not a huge place by any standards, but I have always had a "Christmas closet" designated just for special occasion items, Christmas tins, breakables and other goodies.  I always keep extra generic gifts in this closet too.  Even with the best laid plans I will forget a little something for someone, or will have an unexpected visitor bringing gifts.  I stash up on candles, hand towels, candy dishes, etc. when they are on sale and keep them available (with extra bags to quickly put them in) and very handy.

If you have a small nook, part of closet or shelf to keep a few extra last minute gifts, I highly suggest doing it.  It makes life so much easier this time of year and makes up for forgetfulness!  Just don't forget to restock it once you use up your gifts.

23 days to go.....

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