Monday, December 30, 2013

My tree and decorations are still up and I'm not sure when I'll take them down.  After putting so much effort into decorating and enjoying them around my home, I'm not quite ready to take them down.  I've given myself permission to stop worrying to much about being on a decorating time table and am just enjoying them this year.

I have gone through my Christmas 2013 folder to make sure I have all my shopping receipts, card and present lists.  I updated all my new additions to my card spreadsheet so I know that I'm all ready for next year.

I'm also jotting down a few ideas for gifts next year.  Sometimes when I give a gift I think of something that would go well with it, or something along the same theme that I would like to do next year.  If I don't write it down now, it will be long forgotten by February, much less next Christmas.

We are off to see more friends tonight!  Hope all of you are relaxing and enjoying time together as we head into the new year.

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