Thursday, September 26, 2013

90 Days

If you're like me, you come up with or see lots of little crafty ideas but talk yourself out of actually doing them.  I usually tell myself that I don't have time to tackle another project, but seem to have time to watch TV and play on the computer. :)  Today's project was one of those that I've put off for some time. 

I've read several articles about reusing old Christmas cards for various purposes, including making them into tags for the next year's presents.  I've kept old cards, mostly for sentimental reasons, but also to do this craft "someday".  Tonight, I got out the scissors, when to the card basket and in literally less than 5 minutes had some really cute tags.  Now that I've finished several, I just put them in a small Ziploc bag and put them into my Christmas folder.  I can handle 5 minute projects...

I think they turned out very well. 

90 days to go.....

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