Monday, September 23, 2013

93 Days

I know that I am the queen of lists, but today's list is very important.  It's the sometimes dreaded gift list.  I make a spreadsheet of my information and it makes life so much easier. 

The first few columns of my gift list spreadsheet include all those that I need to buy presents for, any gift ideas that I may have had throughout the year, and my budget.  I know budgets aren't fun to talk about, especially during the excesses of the holidays, but having a budget and knowing how you're doing helps keep those January and February monetary blues from striking quite so hard. 

The last few columns of the spreadsheet are where I put in what presents I actually purchased, if they are wrapped, and how much I actually spent.  I'm thinking about adding another column listing where I got the items.  That might help in case anything has to be returned.

This spreadsheet is great to save and adapt each year.  It also really helps me out, because I usually can't remember what I bought for everyone from year to year and it keeps me from giving the same present to the same person twice.

I have updated this year's list, printed it out, and put it in the Christmas 2013 folder.  Hopefully by updating and printing this out early, I will be inspired to start shopping a little earlier.  We'll see.....

93 days to go......

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