Thursday, October 2, 2014

84 Days

As promised, here's a fun, simple Christmas craft idea that anyone of all ages can make.

My daughter has a lot of earrings.  She has pretty jewelry boxes but she has so many costume style earrings, that they are overflowing.  She and I have been brainstorming on ideas to make something easily accessible, portable, and that can store a lot of earrings.  After much thought, this is what we came up with.

The only supplies needed are a paper towel roll, masking tape, scissors, shelf liner (the gripper kind with little holes in them), ribbon, and acrylic paint.

First, my daughter painted the paper towel roll in lots of fabulous colors.  When painting these, don't use any water on your brush or sponge.  It will weaken the cardboard.  Using acrylic paint with a dry brush approach helps strengthen the cardboard somewhat.

Here's a better view of the dried paper towel roll.

Next, we cut a section of shelf liner the length we desired and the width of the paper towel roll.  We simply used masking tape to attach it to the roll.  Then, we took purple ribbon and taped it over the masking tape to make it look nicer. 

Then it was time to start attaching the earring.  Because the holes are tiny in the shelf paper (you can usually find this at the Dollar Tree if you don't have any), it's easy to attach the earrings and their backs.

When you're finished, just roll up the earring holder, and tie a piece of pretty ribbon around.  Fun, easy earring storage.  This would make a great handmade Christmas gift for any girl.  It doesn't require any special material and it's very simple to make.

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