Monday, September 15, 2014

Dutch Bantam

There's commission work, pieces for shows, pieces that practically scream to be painted and there are pieces like these. I hadn't planned to paint a rooster, but jumped in to try this Dutch Bantam. For some reason, looking at animals like roosters always makes me think of  Luke 12:27 which is the reminder that God makes the simple lilies beautiful and takes care of them, so why should we worry about what He will do for us? When I see how colorful the simple rooster is, I always think of that verse.

 I used Liquitex Basic acrylics for this painting.

After sketching out my rooster, I began painting my background, with my sky first.

Basic layers for the grass next.  I try to be careful of my brush strokes, especially with acrylics.  I want to show movement, direction and texture.

Now, the fun, colorful work begins.  I began working on the basic color composition of the rooster.

I've established mid-tones, so it's time to work on lights and darks.

Not it's time for detail work on the feathers, adding in the eye, making the legs and feet more distinctive.

Continuing to add details to the feathers, blades of grass and around the eye of the rooster.

Time to sign the finished product!

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